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kaitlyn_sins's Journal

kaitlyn sins?
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i like people who are real.
i like people who are fun, who screw up, who laugh it off.
i like people who know they arent better than everyone else.
i like people who can laugh at stupid stuff.
i like people that can make me smile.
i like to smile.

i like summertime. that's all i want. that's it.

i run track, but i'm not good.
i'm going to try out for cheerleading.
i spend hours just listening to music.
i have my permit & i love driving.
i obsess over models, it's sickening.

i dont care about your drama, your problems, your issues.
dont complain to me if you arent going to let me complain to you.
i dont want to be involved, and i think it's really, really, really dumb.